Treatment of Aches, Pains and Strains

Massage-RoomIf you suffer from tight, restrictive or painful muscles, Hartlington Body Fix can help alleviate the tension and give you an improved range of motion. A work or sports related injury can be limiting and make everyday tasks hard work. Often, modern day lifestyles do not lend for the perfect posture, far from it in fact. With driving, computers and sitting for long periods of the day, it is not surprising that our backs, shoulders, neck and wrists take the brunt of the stress. Worst of all we do not give our bodies the time to heal and recover from stress or injury and quite likely leave recurring tight and sore areas to build up over months and even years.

Level 3 Massage Therapist, Gemma Dobson will identify the source of your problem and using practiced myofacial manipulation techniques including trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and acupressure will aim to bring some relief from the pain. Gemma will talk you through the possible causes of the muscle dysfunction and provide effective but simple exercises for you to do at home to prevent the problem reoccurring. This could include stretching ideas and or strengthening tips to build up areas which have become weak.