David.R.Scully: Gemma was highly recommended by a work colleague of my wife. I was guided to an initial consultation & it was at this point that I began to take control of my future.

When I commenced training with Hartlington Body Fix the results both physically and mentally were obvious at a very early stage. Motivation, nutritional advice and constant review of exercise is key to what Gemma can achieve in a short space of time. You look forward to training and the support that is on offer at each session. I never thought that I would be able to achieve weight loss and body transformation without the need of major surgery, but I was wrong. Steadily I have reduced weight and have achieved increased fitness levels that I never thought possible.

It has to be said going from over 31 stones to being able to climb Pen ye Ghent in a shade over three hours has to be testament to Gemma’s dedication and enthusiasm.

Donna Cooper-Holmes: I have been a client of Hartlington Body Fix for 10 months and find Gemma to be extremely friendly, professional and very motivational. She has helped me reach my fitness goals and understand my personal fitness at the same time.
Gemma is easily the most knowledgeable of all the personal trainers I saw before her and would have no problems in recommending Hartlington Body Fix to anyone wanting to get fit.

Rebecca, 25: I began training with Gemma in the run up to taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2009, and the sessions really made a huge difference to my progress. The strength and interval training we did in the gym was something I was missing in my routine and it rapidly improved my run times. Also the general training and nutrition advice she gave me helped to enhance the overall training. I achieved my aim of getting round in 4 hours on the day and have continued to train with Gemma to maintain my fitness.
I find her approach to be exactly what I need to stay motivated; she is friendly, relaxed and easy to talk to, but is also incredibly organized and the workouts fly by with the bespoke program she plans in advance. Gemma also seems to know when to push me further to get more out of me, and when to take it a bit easier. I would recommend Hartlington Body Fix to anyone!

Michael Ackroyd, Whalley: Feeling a little over-weight and not as fit as I would like, I contacted Hartlington Body Fix. The Principal, Gemma Wright, proved to be friendly and helpful, but also a focused professional. Usually unaccustomed exercise provokes aches and pains, but I have never experienced any of this following my sessions.
These proved to be increasingly challenging, but with this came the surprise and satisfaction of achieving more than I had thought possible. After attending Hartlington Body Fix for about eight months, my waist has lost over 3 inches, my weight down by over a stone, and I feel much fitter. Or should I say “spritely” as I am aged 77yrs.

Tony McGibbon: I had never really considered a Personal Trainer but after seeing a magazine article for Hartlington Body Fix and needing some much needed motivation and a new direction after 15 years of training I decided to give it a try.

After the initial meeting with Gemma I was impressed with her knowledge of both training and nutrition and also her well equipped Gym. Thanks to Gemma she has given me the motivation I needed with constant changing exercise plans that through hard work and constant encouragement are getting me the results that I have always wanted.

My diet has improved, as well as my cooking, with excellent recipes and eating plans to suit my needs constantly monitored and changed when necessary by Gemma. My weight is now he lowest it has been for a long long time and it is staying off. Gemma certainly knows her stuff and she has changed my complete outlook on training and now with the right training, advice and diet my goals are very achievable.

I would highly recommend Hartlington Body Fix to any person seriously considering training regardless of their experience.

You will only get out what you put in and with time and effort and listening to Gemma and taking on board her help, advice and never ending enthusiasm the goals that you set yourself can be reached.

Sara-Jane Chorkley: I met Gemma at a charity dinner , we got talking and I very quickly realised we were reading from the same script with one huge difference ….she actually lived the way I wanted to , had a vast knowledge of nutrition, training and their combined use,whereas I just played at it.

I have cast off old injuries which I never seemed to work through before…you know the script…too much enthusiasm and injury flares up, back off and back to square one. Training is awesome, challenging but not outfacing and the adrenaline rush lasts and lasts.

I cannot recommend Hartlington Body Fix too highly, I am stronger and healthier than I have been for years and she has given me the confidence and motivation to put the past behind me and grab the next challenge . We walked the Three Peaks twice in one week last summer and that from a previously fully paid up member of the K K Club !( over 40 with knackered Knees)

Helen Wilson: With Gemma’s excellent knowledge of nutrition and exercise, it has given me the confidence to believe in myself to be able to achieve my goal of weight loss and exercise. And in just six months I have nearly got to my goal weight and my fitness is going from strength to strength.